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      Yes, yes, she said in a subdued voice. How long it has been!

      I neednt trouble you, she said. I shall see her in the drawing-room. His hand dropped, but she held out the letter again. Perhaps you had better take charge of it, she said, carelessly; I may lose it; for, of course, I havent a pocket to put it in.

      The maid brought in some dessert and a plain glass jug of claret, and Esmeralda rose.

      Why, lawks alive! said Mother Melinda, bending over him. If he aint asleep!

      The words were right enoughwell chosen and gracefully spokenand yet there was something in the tone in which they were said that jarred upon Esmeralda, and caused her to raise her head almost defiantly and resentfully.



      Her mind had been wandering, surely, when she had that fancy about Lostwithiel, he told himself. It was something more than a dream. And then he remembered those long nights of delirium after her boy was bornand above all, that one night, when she had fancied herself at sea in a[Pg 327] storm, when she had tried to fling herself overboard. He knew now what scene she had re-acted in that delirium, what the vision was which a mind distraught had conjured out of empty darkness.


      Over two millions, assented Mr. Pinchook, with unction.