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      Yes, sir. I brought it down this morning.

      "But suppose a sailor was dropped down here suddenly, without knowing what ocean he was in; could he find out where he was without anybody telling him?""My lord," replied the monk, "I listened to her earnest prayers."

      "Fly, knaves!" cried the galleyman, addressing Byles and Calverley, as he released the latter. "And now, meddling steward, if you attempt to interfere with her who is in that holy berth yonder, or injure the honest yeoman, her son, for this night's doings, the Lord have mercy upon you! Here, Stephen," (walking towards Holgrave, who had thrown himself beside the grave,) "up, and jump behind on my horse, for the cry of sacrilege will edge their brands, and friend or foe will have little chance. Therethe abbey-gate is thrown open, and out they come with brand and torch."

      [Pg 31]I think you are rather brutal, she said. You dont help me out at all.


      Mrs Keeling became a shade statelier, without abatement of her extremely proper behavior."The Doctor and Frank couldn't tell, and Fred answered, triumphantly,



      This speech acted as Calverley had anticipated. The yeoman's scruples fled; and alarmed at the prospect of losing those comforts he had enjoyed since entering into the nefarious league, he said more earnestly than he had yet spoken