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      The lady had her reins bunched up after the manner of ladies, but eventually got hold of the snaffle ones. Esmeralda held on with what looked like perfect ease, though the horse tried to rear all it knew, until the rider had regained control; then she let go the bridle, and was about to pass under the rail again, when the gentleman rode up to her, and taking off his hat, said:

      The doctor turned the men out, and went with Mother Melinda to the bedside. Trafford withdrew to a little distance from the hut, and sat with his face hidden in his hands, and Norman and Varley leaned against a tree and waited silently for a time. Then Norman said, with difficulty, as if there were a lump in his throat:

      On the way to town Trafford and Esmeralda said little. Both seemed lost in thought. Every now and then he glanced at her, and her beauty, so to speak, won upon him. If it had not been for the remembrance of Ada, with her strained face and anguished eyes, Esmeraldas loveliness would have filled him with delight; but he could not forget the woman who loved him, even in the presence of this lovely girl whom he had asked to be his wife.

      And its quite the right shade, too, miss; such a beautiful color.He looked at her, the color coming and going in his face.


      Lady Lilias gave a little inaudible sigh of satisfaction as she heard the sweet, clear voice.



      Trafford, dont you think you could love me a little? I know that I am ignorant and common, almost a savage compared with her, and that you have loved her for a long timebut I am your wife, after all, and I love you as well as she does.