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      "Loving, loyal!" he cried, with passionate scorn. "You had deceived and dishonoured meyou had made your name a by-worda jest for such a man as Vansittart Crowtherand for how many more? You had lied, and lied, and lied to meby every look, by every word that made you seem a virtuous woman and a faithful wife. My God, what misery!"

      Bergan, meanwhile, sought for the hidden spring. It required some time and thought before he found and pressed it. The secret chamber being then exposed to view, Rue was discovered sitting at the massive secretary, in a large arm-chair, with her head bowed on her folded hands. She was dead; Doctor Gerrish affirmed that she had been so for some days. Ample provision of food and water was near; she had died a perfectly natural and peaceful death, from the infirmities of old age. It was apparent that she had deliberately chosen this spot for her death-chamber. But why? That was a mystery."Fire and fury! what's that?"

      "I hope so," rejoined Bergan, quietly, "for I have learned that I can do nothing worth doing, without it.""I may alter my will a dozen times, or make a new one,"

      "I will do my best," said Bergan, after a brief consideration.

      Happily for Bergan, his aunt claimed his attention, before he had time to feel the full dreariness of the change. She was a woman of rare tact, and much kindliness of heart, despite a somewhat stately manner, and a considerable degree of aristocratic chill for people not exactly in her "set." She gave Bergan a warm welcome,almost a motherly one; there was something about him that brought a softening remembrance of the two sons that slept in the family burial ground, and quietly opened the way for him into her heart. Finding his entertainment left very much in her hands, she cared for it kindly; though not without a secret wonder at the inexplicable indifference of her husband and daughter. But she did her best to make amends for it by her own friendliness, and in part, succeeded.

      Astra bent her head a little stiffly. She doubted the reality of this new-born desire for office decorations."What should I tell?" rejoined Bergan, composedly.


      Some moments elapsed before Bergan could answer. Compelled by the question to make a sudden, rapid investigation into the deeper things of the heart, he was confounded at the unexpected result. Too truthful, however, to attempt to hide it, he finally answered, thoughtfully;



      She had made a score of sketches on the same spot, but there were always new details to jot down, new effects and ideas, on that vast level which frames the grandeur of Rome. Yonder the long line of the aqueduct; here the living beauty of broad-fronted oxen moving with stately paces along the dusty way, the incarnation of strength and majesty, patience and labour.