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      "There never was a race yet that was altogether bad," said the priest. "Virtues may descend from remote ancestors as well as vices,I think you told me moreover that Captain Hulbert's mother was a good woman."Shots were fired, knives gleamed in the light of the hanging paraffine-lamp, two or three men were carried out, several others leaned against the wall stanching more or less serious wounds; Dan MacGrath himself stood behind the bar, revolver in one hand, a bottle of his famoussome called it infamouswhisky in the other. Every now and then, as a stray bullet came his way, he ducked his head, but always clung to the revolver and the bottle, as if they were the emblems of defense and conciliation: if the fight continued he might want the one, if it continued, or ended, his customers would certainly want the other.

      The Glenaveril party made their entrance ten minutes later. The Crowther girls were not afraid of wanting partners. Most young men are glad to dance with half a million of money. There is always an off chance of a good thing, just as there is a chance of breaking the bank at Monte Carlo. Belinda looked superb in a cloud of tulle, like a goddess. Alicia looked too well on horseback to look well off. Her spare straight figure and sharp elbows were not at their best in evening dress. She wore black, and an infinity of bugles, and flashed and glittered more than any one else in the room, though she wore never a jewel.

      "Well, I don't say they're all ugly. Some of 'em are handsome enough, and there's plenty of thorough-breds among 'em, but there's a sight of plain-headed ones. There's quite as much beauty in your spear as there is among the county folks, Miss Susan. I'll answer for that."He laughed again.

      "Did I? Yes, I remembera little Tauchnitz volume bound in moroccocontraband in England. A cheatlike many things in this life."

      Who is Taffy? he asked.




      Mr. Pinchook doesnt propose to take me, said Varley.


      His voice grew husky, though he tried his uttermost to maintain a lightness of tone.