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      I do wish it, he said. We have not been engaged long, I know, and, if you would rather wait, we will do so. It shall be exactly as you wish. It ought to be so. But there is no reason why we should wait until the autumn or the winter. My father is very anxious that the wedding should take placehe is very fond of you, as you know, and is looking forward to the day when he can really call you his daughter.

      Well? she demanded.

      "Charlie," she said, "you 'ave yo' fight. Me, I 'ave mine. Here is grandma. Ask her--if my fight--of every day--for you and her--and not yet finish'--would not eat the last red speck of courage out of yo' blood."

      "May I go with you, then, and learn why?" The words were hurried, for a horseman was in front and the others had so slackened pace that all were again in group. Anna caught Flora's reply:

      Oh! all sorts of things. A little of everything. I was head man at a livery-stable for a timethe man under me was the son of an Irish viscount. Sounds funny, doesnt it? He laughed. Then I went to the gold diggings.



      How happy she looks! she said. She is positively radiant! Her lips curled with something like a sneer. A shop-girl could not look more elated; it is as if she were saying aloud, I am to be the Duchess of Belfayre!Trafford looked at her as he rode by her side. Her habit fitted her like a skin, she seemed as lithe and graceful as a withy wand, and sat her horse as if she and the animal were one. The mare was high-spirited and fresh, and full of mischief, but Esmeralda managed it with perfect ease and coolness, and Trafford, though he was ready to help her in an instant, saw that she did not need any assistance.


      "Oh, then it was cruel!" exclaimed Anna. "To you, dear, cruel to you to steal off in that way. Run! dress for the carriage!"You must take your habit with you, he said; and I will choose a horse for you, and I will send down this pair, so that you can ride and drive as often as you please. We must try and make you happy.