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      "I am not wasting any sympathy on the Apaches, nor on the Indians as a whole. They have got to perish. It is in the law of advancement that they should. But where is the use in making the process painful? Leave them alone, and they'll die out. It isn't three hundred years since one of the biggest continents of the globe was peopled with them, and now there is the merest handful left, less as a result of war and slaughter than of natural causes. Nature would see to it that they died, if we didn't."

      From the Picture in the National Gallery of British Art.

      MONTGOMERY'S ASSAULT ON THE LOWER TOWN, QUEBEC. (See p. 222.)Larry, though quiet, was both confident and calm.

      Landor knew that they were come to hear what he might have to say about it, and he had decided to say, for once, just what he thought, which is almost invariably unwise, and in this particular case proved exceedingly so, as any one could have foretold. On the principle that a properly conducted fist fight is opened by civilities, however, he mixed three toddies in as many tin coffee cups.

      Charles, on his part, had determined to occupy Corriarrick. For that purpose he had made a forced march, disencumbered himself of all possible encumbrances by burning his own baggage, and encouraging his followers to do the same. On the morning of the 27th he stood on the north side of Corriarrick, and, as he put on his brogues, he is said to have exclaimed, with exultation, "Before these are unloosed, I shall be up with Mr. Cope." To his great astonishment, however, when he reached the summit all was one wild solitudenot a man was visible. At length they discerned some soldiers ascending, whom they set down for part of Lord Loudon's regiment, forming the English vanguard. They turned out to be only some deserters, who informed them of the change in Cope's route.

      WILLIAM PITT. (After the Portrait by John Hoppner, R.A.)


      Wait till I get to that, urged Sandy. Well, they learned, somehow, that Mr. Everdail was in California and his wife was taking the emeralds to London. They didnt have any conspirator on the yachtthenor else they would have gotten the real emeralds long ago. So there was just those five in the bandJeff, Mr. Everdail, Gaston, the man we havent seen, and the injured pilot.There!