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      "Why didn't we think of it, Shorty," said Si, "'n' make it part o' the bargain' when we 'listed that we were to have umbrellers. These gum things don't amount to shucks, nohow, to keep the rain off. I sh'd think Uncle Sam might do that much for us!"THE END

      He fell back a step in surprise. Then he laughed softly like the boy she accused him of being. "But Pen ... aren't you glad?"

      My dearest friend."

      "They belted into the Oshkosh Terrors, out there to our right, killed a mule, scared two teamsters to death, and knocked over three or four kittles of coffee. It was awful unlucky about the coffee," an swered Shorty.

      "Go to your quarters now, you young rascal, and take your father with you. I hope he'll have a very pleasant time while he is in camp."But the gloomy, anxious day dragged its slow length along with nothing more momentous than fitful bursts of bickering, spiteful firing, breaking out from time to time on different parts of the long line, where the men's nerves got wrought up to the point where they had to do something to get the relief of action.


      "I believe you, my son," said the Deacon heartily. "We'll do jest as you say.""Load in nine timesLoad!"


      "We've got to take 'em, any way," answered his chum, resignedly, "It's regulations."


      "You don't command our brigade, do you?" said Shorty, trying to get a better view of his face."Pull me out & then I'll talk 2 you," says the man grabbin for the slippery sides ov the wharfboat.91